Hybrid Black Velvet Angelfish


Black Hybrid Velvet Angelfish.    Unique from one of our genetic projects….



These are very unique Angelfish.  They are 3rd generation from a project we’ve been working on for over 3 years.  They are the result of an original cross of a Bulgarian Seal Point Blusher to one of our Red Spotted Koi’s.  In our 3rd generation they produced Black Velvets (these), Red Kois, Blushing BSP’s, Pinoy Paraibas and what we have been striving to create (golden orange Blushing BSPs).  So this generation will produce many of the golden bsp’s.

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Angelfish Options

1 Extra Small, 1 Extra Small Veil, 1 Small Standard, 1 Small Veil, 1 Medium Standard, 1 Medium Veil, 1 Large Standard, 1 Large Veil, 1 Young Adult Standard, 1 Young Adult Veil, 1 XL Adult Standard, 1 XL Adult Veil


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