Grand Champion RED Discus and Angelfish Granules


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GRAND CHAMPION RED is a professional japanese fish feed “top-dressed” with Haematococcus (which provides an excellent source of astaxanthin) for vibrant color and superior nutrition. This professional food contains 400ppm Astaxanthin, to bring out the Reds and Oranges in all Tropicals.  Your Koi Angelfish will be vibrant colored, Red Discus beautiful Red.  Astaxanthin is a natural red algae which helps improve the immune system but is the #1 choice for carotene which all red fish need to keep their vibrant colors.  Unlike other foods,  our Grand champion granules is produced at lower temperatures (not extruded at high temps), which preserves all the goodies in the food (vitamins, proteins, and more).

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2.50 oz (70 grams), 5 oz. (141 grams), 15 oz. bulk


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