Blue Smokey Angelfish


Philippine Blue Smokey Angelfish.  We feel the most Blue of any of the Philippine Blues.

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The Philippine Blue Smokey Angelfish.  These are one of our favorites as they have the most blue of any of the Philippine Blue Angelfish.  Most of them will carry a single dose of Smokey but some also will have a double dose of the Smokey gene (which makes them a Blue chocolate.  At this time we will just list them as Blue smokeys.  Also some carry a  Zebra Gene which would make them a Blue Leopard.  But since they all basically look the same, we will just be selling them as Blue Smokey.

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1 Extra Small, 1 Extra Small Veil, 1 Small Standard, 1 Small Veil, 1 Medium Standard, 1 Medium Veil, 1 Large Standard, 1 Large Veil, 1 Young Adult Standard, 1 Young Adult Veil, 1 XL Adult Standard, 1 XL Adult Veil


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