Blue Ghost/Clown Angelfish


Philippine Blue Ghost or Clown Angelfish.  One of many types that we breed.

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The only difference between a Ghost and a Clown Angelfish is the Clown Angelfish contains a Zebra Gene.  Very hard to notice this unless you are very experienced.  It adds striations into it’s fins.  All of our Philippine Blue Angelfish are the result of years of breeding and crossing into wild stock to improve their body shape.  These are available in Standard or Veil.  All Ghosts and Clowns contain 1 stripeless gene so when they breed they will all produce 25% Blue Paraibas (blushing).

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1 Extra Small, 1 Extra Small Veil, 1 Small Standard, 1 Small Veil, 1 Medium Standard, 1 Medium Veil, 1 Large Standard, 1 Large Veil, 1 Young Adult Standard, 1 Young Adult Veil, 1 XL Adult Standard, 1 XL Adult Veil


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